Dysphemic, a trailblazing electronic artist, captivates audiences globally with his distinctive and innovative approach to music. Known for melding gritty bass grooves with a fusion of acoustic instruments and grand cinematic breakdowns, his sound takes listeners on an eclectic journey across Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Bass House, and Drum and Bass.

Each live set is a unique spectacle of entirely original music, often featuring tracks crafted exclusively for the performance. His music weaves together diverse elements, ranging from classical melodies and Middle Eastern to Mediterranean instruments, along with playful animal sounds and imaginative dinosaur anthems, showcasing his broad musical vision.

A highlight of the Australian festival circuit, Dysphemic regularly graces prestigious festivals like Splendour in the Grass, Earth Frequency, Elements, and Tanglewood. Internationally, he has toured multiple times across the United States, making an impact at festivals such as Eclipse and Burning Man, and captivating audiences in club shows from coast to coast.

As Dysphemic continues his artistic evolution, he remains a prominent figure in the electronic music landscape, constantly pushing the boundaries of dance music and live performances that defy traditional genre classifications.

Dysphemic under a blue smoky light
Earth frequency festivalDysphemic under a blue smoky light

Live Shows


Earth Frequency 2023

My live set from Australia's premier alternative music festival, Earth Frequency. An hour an a half of all original tunes, glitch hop/dubstep/bass house/drum and bass.

Apollo remixed album cover

Apollo Remixed

Expanding on the resonance of the 'Apollo' album, Dysphemic has brought together eleven notable producers from around the world spanning the realms of Drum and Bass, Techno, and Glitch hop. The remix album pays homage to the multi genre original while exploring fresh sonic landscapes.