Apollo remixed album cover

Apollo Remixed

Expanding on the resonance of the 'Apollo' album, Dysphemic has brought together eleven notable producers from around the world spanning the realms of Drum and Bass, Techno, and Glitch hop.

The album on 8Ball Audio pays homage to the multi genre original while exploring fresh sonic landscapes.

The remixed 'Apollo' retains the cinematic core of the original album blending the Mediterranean and Egyptian-Greek undertones of Dysphemic and close collaborator Yiani Treweeke with the fresh energy of guest producers.

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I made a beat tape in Greece composed of obscure Greek samples from tapes and vinyl I found in gypsy markets where we haggled with Athens trash pickers and junk dealers.

I wrote beats in the back of taxis, in tavernas, on balconies in Athens and doing dodgy border runs with unlicensed drivers.

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‘Apollo’ is a hybrid of mediterranean guitar styles, gothic keyboards and arabic world bass created with longtime collaborator, Yiani Treweeke on keys and guitar.

This release sees the two brothers find influence from their families Egyptian Greek roots and their psychedelic upbringing in the Australian Blue Mountains to create a soundtrack of an ancient future.

From the tribal drum and bass vibes of Desert Hawk, to the spacey House wobbles of Lost Brothers, Apollo will enlist your psyche on a mission through the ancient terrains of the cosmos.

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Australian producer Dysphemic, known for his dark and neuro-flavoured music, delivers a fresh full length album entitled “Zeus”. Released via Gravitas Recordings, the LP merges world music with potent bass frequencies throughout each of the 10 scintillating tracks.

Compelling, high-intensity drum work thrives throughout the album, rendering strength to each song in a raw, primal way.Guitarist and long-time collaborator Yiani Treweeke joins Dysphemic on a number of tracks, adding hypnotic strings to tunes like ‘Snake King’ and ‘Space God.’ The alluring vocal verses in ‘Phoenix’ fuse effortlessly with genre-bending bass, alluding to the idea that cycles of rebirth in music evolution often produce refreshingly new combinations of parts not traditionally found together.

Finalizing the album, ‘Pharoah’ serves as an apex to this notion of fresh combinations: ethnic instrumentation sit atop a solid drum n bass foundation, demonstrating the culmination of potent energy Dysphemic has curated throughout the album.

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Synthetic Symphony

A concept album I wrote with violinist Miss Eliza, fusing together Classical  and Dubstep/Drum and Bass.

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The first album I released and promoted seriously and what I consider the birth of Dysphemic. This was a departure from producing and rapping in my Hip Hop group Cyclones & a long pause in making Breakcore. I started focusing on Dubstep and Drum and Bass for the next few years.

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Corporate Warfare

The very first Dysphemic release made up of a collection of experimental drum and bass & breakcore tracks ranging from 180 to 240bpm. I wrote a bunch of this when I was a teenager growing up in the Blue Mountains.

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